Wednesday, September 8, 2010

fALL is ALmOST heRE!!!

Well, Im back from our little vacation and Im glad to say that it looks like summer is coming to an end. The leaves are trying to change around here, nothing bright yet, but they are falling and getting crunchy. Its almost time to start taking strolls down the road and smelling FALL. Its suppose to be in the 40s tomorrow morning and Im lookiing forward to some coffee and Maple Cookies. The plan was to bake some zuchinni cupcakes or bread today, but when I went to get FARM FRESH EGGS, they were all out, so Ill try again in the morning.

I cant say that this blog as any certain direction today, just lots of pretty things to look at and think about. I mean , seriously, can you believe it??? FALL is peaking at us just around the corner.....teasing us with  cooler nights, cool breezes and falling leaves. The heat and humidity have given way to a calmer warmth.With these changes I want to clean, nest and BAKE. I was so excited yesterday at the mailbox when I seen the new Country Living "HALLOWEEN" issue waiting on me. The above picture was in there, I thought that was a very clever way to use a fireplace that being used for heat and it seems much more safe.
A few things that are on my mind today are crafting and baking/cooking. I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to do a FALL RECIPE SWAP PARTY. This will be toward the end of September. Then, while, looking at the pretty FALL things on the web I decided I should have a "HALLOWEEN COOKIE SWAP PARTY", this will be in October. I will try to get the details up by next week on both.
 Well, last but not least I have a project and the link for you. I did this project a few years back and LOVED it. Admitedly, its an extremely messy project, but well worth it.GLITTERED PUMPKINS, theres nothing like them. You can find the directions for the project HERE on MARTHA STEWART'S site. The project calls for extra fine glitter, but I used regular and it worked just fine. I love brown and gold glittered pumpkins next to a strand of warm glowing lights or candles......they are so pretty! HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!!!


  1. I agree, that fireplace display is just genius! Very pretty pictures!
    Happy almost fall!

  2. I got my issue of Country Living also and was so excited! Looking forward to your swaps as well! Your blog is such a reflection of how I feel; I look forward to each entry.