Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Few Fall Favorites

Com' on in....pour some hot apple cider or spiced tea (ok, make sure the air is cranked first, it is July after all....but lets pretend), get comfy and get ready for some fall time relaxation. Lets step ahead a few months when the nights and mornings are cool, refreshing and leave a thick coat of dew on everything. The leaves are floating in the air and are bright in color!
One of my favorite things to do "any" time of the year is decorate the house for the 4 seasons, fall being my favorite, but did I need to say that? I LOVE this wreath, I love hydrangeas, seems so southern and homey and it should be on my door! Cant wait to decorate our itty bitty living room for the fall season, Im starting in August!
I just finished reading the first book "A SISTERS SECRET" in this series of Sisters of Holmes County by Wanda E. Brunstetter . Im a huge fan of Amish Fiction and I love this series. My favorite time to read is in the fall, maybe sitting outside in the cool breeze or sitting by the window while the leaves and rain drops fall.

Cant wait to get to the candle outlet to get more Caramel Corn candles and spray. I actually used my spray a few days smells sooooo good!Soon we will be dragging out the flannel sheets to snuggle down for long cool nights. I love these things, though white fresh linens are so refreshing in the spring, flannels and fall are for cuddling and I cant wait!

Im also eager to be able, well....tolerate, turning the oven on all day. Baking batches of cookies, cakes, pies, beans and cornbread, beef stew and homemade bread. Can you imagine having the oven on all day and enjoying it.....not dripping wet with sweat and heating the house up when its already 100 degrees out.....?.....I didnt think so. The oven will bring extra warmth on a cool fall day. Im really wanting a pumpkin pie now!

This slice looks soooooo GOOD!
Dont know about you, but I love me some seasonal beauty products now and then. That pumpkin spice looks so yummy!
CARAMEL APPLE.......need I say more??? Yum, think about it......a steaming HOT bath with caramel apple scented bubbles, soft music playing and a warm glow candle burning after a long day......aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Doesnt a camp fire out back sound nice with a pot of chili thats cooked over the fire all day sound great. Then top it off with some smores or apple slices with caramel sauce!
Autumn is perfect in every way...... What are you looking forward to?


  1. Crock Pot stew!!!! There's just something that says "home" to me about a house that's full of yummy smells of dinner, fall colors, and carved pumpkins! Fabulous...

  2. I looking forward to the Fall state fair....I am also looking forward to the nice afternoon walks when the weather is not to hot or to cold and the leaves are changing colors....I love the hardy meals my family eats on cool fall days and all the laughter around the fireplace...Oh I am so ready.....

  3. I have a big tree that turns yellow just like that last picture. It's simply breathtaking to see yellow against a blue sky!
    I love the change of leaves. I love the cooler temps--aka "sweater weather." I love that you don't feel like your skin is going to sweat off of you, but it hasn't started to snow yet, either!

  4. Gretchen, we love us some crock pot stew as well, especially a roast in the oven all day.Do you have a fav recipe?

    Deniece, I never thought I would , but I do miss our fireplace now that we took it out:( And Im looking forward to walks too, too hot and too many snakes on these back roads right now!

    Mom2fur, LOVE sweater weather. You mentioned the trees, I love long drives home to look at the scenery and just take it all in.

    Thanks for sharing ladies!

  5. Oh how I long for fall and winter! We are heading into an extremely warm week and the only thing that keeps me from losing my mind is the thought that cooler temps are never too far away! Thank you for the inspiration!

    Many Blessings,

  6. Hi's Karen from APP Forum and I just noticed on the forum that you are a HUGE FAN OF AMISH FICTION...go read my reply to your post!!!!

    Your blog is awesome! All these photos and musings have me wanting Fall already!


  7. Thank you for the lovely posts! That whole 'summertime and the livin' is easy' thing doesn't work for seems more stressful and produces more guilt than ease. Autumn's arrival is going to be a well-planned-for treat. Along with my patriotic decor now I'm adding in sunflowers and then that brings the golden colors into the house for a sweet teaser. It will be so much fun to begin adding the mums and colored leaves then later in August in anticipation of the best season.

  8. Three words: Pumpkin. Spice. Latte. (c: I can taste it already!

  9. what a fun blog....I adore Fall! Coming from Arizona, I never experienced a fall! So, living here inthe Pacific Northwest, I want to enjoy it, every moment I can!

    I will enjoy this blog very much!!

  10. Stopping by here reminds me of all the things I do enjoy about Fall. I have read all of Wanda's book.. lurv her! I read a ton of Amish fiction.. I can't get enough.