Monday, July 12, 2010

hALlowEen AND HaRVEst tiME rECIPes

I cant wait till all the Halloween movies come back out, not the horror movies, not the scary stuff....the fun Disney and Hallmark movies that run in October. I watched The Good Witch this weekend and it really got me in the mood for Halloween....not sure why because we dont celebrate much then, but I do love the specials on the History channel. Last year I watched one about Halloween and one about Thanksgiving, they were very interesting and got me in the holiday spirit. From the first time those foiled pumpkins appeared in Country Living magazine I was in love with them...I cant wait for PUMPKINS!!!
I love black crows, all year long...not sure why, but I do. I wish we could decorate the front porch this year, but I doubt it will be a Ill just dream about it here.

Look at those caramel apples.......Ive ALWAYS wanted to try and make them, but always run out of time in the end. I cant wait for the dreary, cool, crisp days to come. I admit I love and NEED sunshine, but its time for a change....the sun is too hot right now!
I was watching The Good Witches Garden Saturday night and on the movie they were eating chili and suddenly I had a craving for it, so the next day we went and picked up stuff for it, came home and put it all in the crock pot and by last night my craving was fulfilled. It was so good. I love chili in the fall and winter and since I could put it in the crock pot I didnt have to worry about heating up the kitchen. Its raining here today so Im gonna clean the kitchen and bake and PRETEND its fall outside.

I pulled out my fall magazines and one of them was Land O Lakes Harvest Baking. I keep thumbing through it and looking at all the recipes I want to make. I picked up the stuff to make WALNUT BANANA BREAD (you can find the recipe by clicking on the link) , A recipe I found in this magazine, I cant wait to make it this week. Was going to make it today, but dh wanted a cake, he rarely eats cake and he may not even eat much more than a few pieces of this one before hes done for another 6 can men do that??? The pic above is the banana bread. Cant wait!


  1. Mmm.. I lurv banana bread.. especially with walnuts I too enjoy the Good Witch & GW~Garden. Soccer was the only thing on our TV this weekend.. so I missed it. Oh well.. I know they will play it again soon enough.

  2. Oh Yummy, I just might bake up a loaf today!!
    Beautiful pictures!

  3. Oh boy that bread looks good. Thanks for all the fall eye candy.


  4. Oh my goodness that chili and bread looks sooo good!!! What a great post!! I just LOVE your blog you're doing a great job on it and the pictures are just wonderful. I could just look at them over and over!!!


  5. Sigh.....I can't wait for cooler weather! I've never made homemade chili before and fully intend to now that I've seen it done!

    Many Blessings,

  6. I have to say, I LOVE autumn and I'm looking forward to some crisper weather! I'm enjoying the heat right now because I know that mounds and mounds of snow are JUST around the corner! Yuck...I wish I could have the loveliness of fall and then just SKIP all the yucky winter weather!

  7. I LOVE your blog and I joined it and put it under my favorites. I found it on the forum that we both belong to APP. I LOVE the fall and apple picking and making apple pies and hay rides and the feel of the crisp fresh air. I am not a BIG FAN of the summer, HEAT!!!!!

    I hope you stop by and join my blog i am having a giveway and it will come from my selling blog!!!!

    I can't wait for the next post!!


  8. I think this is one of my favorite blogs!!! I love all the fall pics and the recipe sounds so good.


  9. I just love the fall movies on Disney!! Halloweentown is my fav!! Now you have me in the fall spirit and wanting some chilli!!

  10. Just found your blog and I absolutely love it. Can't wait to look around at your past posts.

  11. Just found your blog and I love it. Thanks for the great recipe link.

  12. Found you on Sugar Pie Forums. Sounds good! I will try this today! Love all the fall decor, too! I'm trying hard to enjoy the rest of the summer before diving into fall! It can be hard to wait with the heat!