Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wreath Party and Things

Ok, things have been busy around here, for various reasons......point is, I havent had time to blog much and dont see that I will be for a few weeks, but wanted to check in now (while I can) and let you in on a few things. First things = FIRST.....
My very talented blogger friend Amy at Keep'n The Sunny Side will be having a FALL WREATH PARTY Sept . 1st. I wont be participating, but wanted to pass the word along so you could join in and link up to a great blog. She is always posting great craft tutorials and recipes.....theres always something fun on her blog. You can find the details of the FALL WREATH PARTY HERE .
The next thing is that dh starts his 2 week vaca tomorrow, so Ill more than likely be away from the computer most of the time. Im sure he will have plenty for us to do. Though Ill be checking in from time to time, I may get one blog posted if Im lucky. So dont think Ive abandoned my blog, Ill be be around.
The 3rd thing is that Ive been thinking of doing a FALL RECIPE SWAP, similar to Amys party (she inspired me). Ill be thinking on this and let you know the details in a few weeks!
Ive been browsing for a new background and hoping to do a little re-vamping on my blog. Ive fallen in LOVE with a few HALLOWEEN backgrounds, but I feel its a little early, even for me, lol! So, the next time you visit, I may have a new look here.
Well, thats enough serious chatter for now, Im gonna post a few FALL time pics that Ive found. The weather here is FALL like this week, with temps in the low 80s and hi 70s. The clouds are looming and there is breeze. The leaves are starting to fall and change colors. I hope this is the start to a beautiful FALL. ENJOY!!!


  1. I"m so ready for fall! I'm hosting a fall apron swap if your interested, come check it out!

  2. I heard about Amy's swap, I'm already a follower. I like your background and your pictures are dreamy!


  3. Aren't you just the sweetest to mention my Fall Wreath Party! Thanks so much for that. The more the merrier! I do believe that's a cookie wreath up there, and it is adorable! All the pics are just like Carey said.. "dreamy". I've been using that word alot lately.

    I do hope you enjoy your hub's time off.

  4. So glad to see another entry on this great blog! It's been chilly here on Long Island too this week! I usually start to decorate for Fall by Labor Day but you've me inspired me to start even earlier!

  5. OH I'm so ready for Fall we're still having 100 degree days here in South Carolina!!! I hope you and your husband have a great vacation. As always I LOVED all of your Fall pictures!!!