Wednesday, August 11, 2010


OH MY........I went to BATH AND BODY WORKS yesterday and they have their fall home scents out now, not in full force, but they are out! I picked up this room spray, AUTUMN APPLE, and I have to say if there was ever a company to pin point the true scent of apple, SLATKIN & CO. has done it. Its perfect for transitioning into fall while its still HOT outside. Its the most crisp, cool, delicious scent. A couple of sprays lasts for hours. They also have it in the candle as well. You can find it here .
I also picked up this candle. Its CREAMY PUMPKIN and it smells soooooo good. Thinking of lighting it up tonight. Right now these 4 oz. candles (FALL) are on sale for 4.00, quite the deal considering they are usually 9.50. You can purchase them here .
Now, on to the sights and sounds part of the post. I dug out my old fountain. You can barely make it out in the oic above, but there is water coming out of the spicket. This was not the ideal background I had in mind, being in front of the window, but it was the only option, as it was the only place for the eletrical outlet. Theres nothing better when you want a nice relaxing day to read, to listen to the water pouring into that metal bucket....its so relaxing!!!
You can see it a little better here, the water anyway. Generally the bucket has ivy vined around it, but I took that out and replaced it with AUTUMNAL items.
Nothing beat battery operated candles, of course bright RED, ORANGE, AND YELLOW colors are hard to beat too!
This old OIL LAMP was here when we moved in, I love it. I have little white pumpkins and gourds outside right now, cant wait to bring them in and litter them all over the living room.

I got this one last year from my SUGAR FARMHOUSE SECRET SISTER, she was the best!
I originally wanted the fountain to be on this stand, but that didnt work out. We picked up this wreath at a yard sale for 3.00. The Halloween urn came from a yard sale a few years back, not sure how much it was, but it was cheap. I leave it out all year long, I just turn it around.
My favorite BASKET!
My favorite COLORS....
Even though Im a primitive gal, I still love all things that GLITTER AND GLOW...
A friend made this a few years ago, I have another picture thats not out yet......and its my fave!
Hope youve enjoyed my FALL PREVIEW, I do have a few more things to put out.....time will tell if that happens or not!
This is my favroite time of year, Do you realize FALL officially starts September 23rd??? WOO HOO!

I had planned on blogging a bit more today, but looks like a storm is rolling in so I better get off of here and keep our fingers crossed we get it because its a scorcher here today, feeling like 105 degrees.....not very fall like , huh?

So, have you started your fall decor yet?


  1. Wow girl you are WAY ahead of me. I love that your so excited. Everything looks great and very welcoming. I agree about the sound of water being so peaceful. I'm having a fall wreath party on Sept. 1. Stop by my blog to see the details. I hope you'll join in.

  2. I am so excited also, because I love me some Fall girl. But I have not started yet. I have just had so much to do around the house and it has been so hot here not Fall like at all....But I just love all of the decoration they are beautiful. The fountain is to die for it looks so pretty with your fall decor around it. The peaceful sound of it.

  3. Job well done...even though I am not quite ready to decorate for the upcoming season, I do love that I can smell it in the air, starting to see it in the trees and the stores and now, blogs!

  4. Oh I am so ready for Fall!!!! I LOVE your water fountain and you have decorated it so good!! I love to hear the sound of running water we have a bird bath fountain on my back deck and I could sit and listen to it for hours. I really like what you have done so far and can't wait to see the rest.


  5. I smelled those candle the other day too. I stocked up on Leaves last year. I love that creamy pumpkin and carmel apple one the most. It took everything I had to not purchase them. LOL! I'm on a pretty tight budget right now and my back to school needs are priority. I love your fall decor, I'll be decorating around Sept. 1st.


  6. Until we get our daughter's room finished I am not letting myself play with fall decor. There are walls to prime, texturize, paint and then there is all the casework for me to install and paint. (DH had the hard work of doing all the electrical and drywalling...I handle the finishes.) Then the flooring, installing her closet and getting her moved out of our living room. And I will delve right into all the lovely autumn goodies stowed away from last year. Can't wait to play! Your home looks so lovely and is really inspiring me to get down to business.

  7. I am so ready for fall - I love it! I haven't pulled out my huge tub of all but I did get a pumpkin tart burner and fall leaf wreath hanger the other they went up as soon as I got home! Your home looks so good!

  8. I'm so ready for fall too! I love your decor!I've just started putting a bit up here and there but once Sept 1st rolls around it's all going up.:)

  9. I love the cream pumpkin smell candle YUMMY, I also love fall and I loved looking at all your pictures on this post, one word BEAUTIFUL!
    I love your blog, I am putting a few things out now for fall, my family doesn't seem to mind!
    Blessings, Tricia

  10. You have become my new favorite blog! My feelings exactly about everything! I dream of Fall all year 'round! The colors, the warmth, the scents, everything! plus I look forward to all the movies like Hocus Pocus and the Little Vampire! Nothing scary, just traditional! Please keep your blog going!I never thought I would read about someone who felt the same as me!