Thursday, September 8, 2011

CRaviNg FaLL

 So, the leaves are starting to change....slooooowly.....but they are changing and falling. Soon the woods here will be looking bright and bare at the same time...COULD YOU IMAGINE IF ALL THE LEAVES STAYED ON THE TREES HOW PRETTY THEY WOULD BE???
 Im thimking festivals this time of year. We have an apple festival  here, its either blazing hot and humid or misty and cool. Hoping to take our little bee (our daughter 9 mon. old) to her first one if weather holds out. Then we have a farm festival that I havent been to in years, but wouldl like to....anything to get out in the cool, crisp air! Weve been going out for "strolls" in the mornings just when we can see the sun rise.... its quiet and peaceful!
 I would love to master an APPLE PIE RECIPE, from scratch....if anyone has a simple, delicous one....Ill take it!
 I love cinamon spice tea when the weather starts changing to cooler weather, YUM!
 And I love this cute Cath Kidston mug, my tea would taste even better in it
 This is a random pic of an amish farmhouse. Besides the new baby...our house has also been taking up any of our free time. We are remodeling our 100 plus year old farmhouse and amish farmhouses happen to be the the simplicity and beauty of them. Can you imagine a white farmhouse....wrap around porch....mums and pumpkins all around. It will probably be another few years till we get to that phase, but Im dreaming NOW!
As of now, Ill be dreaming of my next blog, I have a few ideas running through my head. Its so nice to be back and thinking of my favorite time of year....FALL....WHICH LEADS to Halloween (I like the cutsey stuff...not scarey), Thanksgiving.....then CHRISTMAS! It gets darker sooner, which means more time inside with family and friends and books, oh how I love my AMISH fiction! Ok, guess I better close some  FALL like weather outside wating for me! Oh, one more thing....when its comes to decorating (seasonaly or yearly) whats your fave? Primitive, Farmhouse, Cabin, Country Cottage or modern? What are some of your fave fall things?


  1. Your pictures really Inspire me! I can't wait for the fests every weekend and decorating with pumpkins and hay outside!
    I did my indoor decorating with naturals, faux and real, with a touch of whimsy here and there for my 4 year old. ;)
    Lovely blog!

  2. Beautiful fall pics -- love that amish farmhouse!
    When it comes to decorating, for me the primitive look is my main style -- maybe a little mix of farmhouse and prim-colonial mixed in? Anything old is good!!
    Have a great day!

  3. We visit several Fall festivals.. apple (best apple fritters in the world) sauerkraut... (I go for the crafts ;O).. pumpkin (several of those, great food and crafts) Love that you started this blog back up. Certainly seems fitting for this time of year. No leaf color change here yet btw.

  4. It's good to see your autumn blog going again with all the lovely photos. Here in UK autumn has definitely arrived although the leaves are starting to fall without colouring as we've had a very dry summer. No-one decorates for Fall over here but I have some things I've bought in the US on trips so I have an apple wreath on the front door and a pumpkin/crow slate on the back gate. Will get pots of chrysanthemums soon - indoors I have stuff to get out too later this month. Your blog is really inspiring.

  5. I love the idea of the White Farmhouse, that's what I want in my next home!

  6. Hi! Love the "fallness" of your blog....I read your post and thought I would answer your question on my favorite type of decorating....I love it all. I live in a cabin, but love the prim, farmhouse, french country type looks and somehow, I incorporate them all! Enjoy the season!