Monday, September 19, 2011

Bittersweet Hollow

 Ahhh, it feels like fall outside, of coarse will be FALL.....OFFICIALLY! I dont really care if its official or not...if it feels like fall and smells like fall.....IM HAPPY! Im changing the name of my blog to "BITTERSWEET HOLLOW", why??? Well, I told hubby that when the house was done I wanted to name it that. Of coarse, with a strange wrinkled up face ...he asks: WHY? I reply, because I like bittersweet and fall and the only time you get it is FALL and we live in the "holler" as people affectionately call it round these parts. I just love the name!
 I picked up some pumpkin the other day to make a pumpkin smoothie, but after I opened up the can all I could think about was pumpkin pie. We are starting the Belly Fat diet at home, so Im thinking of incoporating a no sweets rule except for about every two weeks. That sounds doable. The diet basically limits  sugars and still get them, just not so many!
 The whole no sweets rule will be hard, but maybe Ill appreciate them more. When the weather is FALL like, I just want to bake.....not that I have time now, but I WANT TO!
 So, at BITTERWSEET HOLLOW, there will be lots of HYDRANGEAS around the house. Of rse it will be a while till the house is finished, but as long as it takes for hubby and me to decide on things we can agree on.....Im planning now! Cant wait for dried hydrangea wreaths with BITTERSWEET in them!
 And there absolutely WILL be PUMPKINS setting on that wrap around porch!
 Im gonna try to make some cute little cakes for fall. I have the tin with the mini bundt cake molds, I love it. I made cornbread in them the other day....interesting, but VERY CUTE!
Im busy making plans in my head for the future.....mainly decorating for fall and CHRISTMAS! I have been listening to CHRISTMAS music, I love it, it makes me happy.....just like fall does. Im even planning to get started on som Christmas shopping in October, maybe put some stuff in layaway. I always say Im gonna start early, but never have......This year I will.
Thanks for the replys on my last post. I like to know what everyone thinks and the decor likes as well. Time to go, hope this finds you in some AUTAMNAL type weather today!


  1. Love the name Bittersweet Hollow -- I often thought that if I ever owned a shop, it would have to have "Holler" somewhere in the name!! There's a place up by where my cousin lives called Potter Hollow (I like to call it Potter Holler), and even though I know nothing about the little town, I love it b/c of it's name!! Just sounds warm and welcoming...
    Your photos are so pretty -- love the looks of that pumpkin pie!

  2. Well I think its a great name and evokes beautiful images of fall. You have a lovely blog!