Saturday, July 24, 2010

SEAsoNAL eye CANdy

Not a lot to say in this blog, its just been REALLy busy and HOT, HOT, HOT here the last week or so and its hard to get motivated for anything except fall. Ive nearly got our living room ready for fall decor and in a week or two Ill start on it....cant wait. I love the first pic, the colors are so rich and the leaves on the floor.....I can smell them and hear them being walked on already! NOTE TO SELF AND ANYONE ELSE READING.....NEVER light candles in a barn, especially next to the hay bales...PLEASE! Battery operated candals will safice!
Yes, I have an obsession with caramel apples, these are so cute!
I would love to belly up at this table!
So pretty, so fall, I love it! I just cant wait for cooler, crisp weather. Ive been thinking a lot about Halloween lately, not sure why, but I am!

Heres hoping fall comes sooner rather than later!!! And the first issue of A PRIMITIVE PLACE arrives soon!


  1. Thanks for the eye candy! You are not alone in your wish for fall. Though I'm not a fan of Halloween, it is my favorite time of year.

  2. I had to stop over for more eye candy!!

  3. I'm loving all these lovely autumn colours and themes, I'm looking forward to my first copy of APP too though I shall have to wait a bit longer than you as I'm overseas.

  4. WOW!! Another great post!!! You have the prettiest Fall pictures. I always look forward to your post. I just started a new blog too so if you have a chance please stop by and visit.


  5. Just wanted to thank you ladies for taking the time to follow and comment, Thanks again!