Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Recipe Swap Party

Well, it appears my linky loo isnt working, keeps saying page not found, if anyone has any ideas, let me kn ow and Ill see what I can do. If you would like, in the mean time, you can leave a comment saying you are participating and the link and I will get them posted here. Geez, its always something isnt it, LOL?! Ok, its time to post your fave fall recipes ladies. Sorry I havent been here and on my toes the past week or so. Between dr. appointments, work on the remodel here at the house and well, life getting in the road......there has been something to do besides blog lately. I almost bit off more than I can chew. So Im going to get started now. All you have to do is when you get your recipe posted and ready come back here and link up with me. Im hoping thats how its gonna work anyway. So here are my recipes, enjoy and the link will be at the end of my post as well!
Paula Deens Sour Cream Biscuts
These are the best, The EASIEST eva to whip up in a hurry. They are fixed in muffin tins and are my go to recipe for the holidays, Easter, Thanksgiving and they are easy enough for a week night meal. Just click on the recipe title and it will take you to the recipe. Love Paula Deen!

Martha Stewart's Beef Stew
Several years ago when Marthas daytime show first came on, I found a wonderful Beef Stew recipe......then....I lost it. I recently found this on her website and its very similar to the one before so Im gonna try it this season.
Beef Stew and Biscuits, YUM!

I took the linky thing down because I couldnt get it to work , BUT I will post your link here for all to see and participate.
Thanks Amy for the link,  looks so yummy!
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  1. Here's my link for Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

  2. Ack, I don't know how to link! But love this post!

  3. Here is my link for "Megan's Granola" on my Country Dreams blog. I got it from - super easy to make, and great for chilly Fall mornings!

    I just love coming to your blog and seeing all the lovely Fall things you have posted!!

  4. Adore your blog! I came across it through Mel's Cabin :) Hi, I'm the blogger of Doors of Delight...come on in and check out my adventure of turning my dreams to reality @