Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy Time of Year

 Isnt it always a busy time of the year, no matter when....its really busy anymore. Lately we have been working on our "COUNTRY BATH". We have picked out paint colors, decor and its down to the nitty gritty this next weekend....doing the really boring and electrical. I say boring because my job is to mainly stand by and hand dh tools and things. Makes for a long day. This country bath has been keeping us busy and is usually where any6 of our free time is spent! Im hoping it will be "complete" by CHRISTMAS so I can spread some "CHRISTMAS CHEER" in there!
 But not before the THANKSGIVING turkey is served of coarse. Im still dreaming of THANKSGIVING at our house, when the kitchen is done and I can set the table....oh, its so exciting. This is why I love this time of year!
 IF there is a small chance I can get little bug to sleep and dh away from the tv, my indulgence this time of year would be a long hot bath, then curled up on the couch for some Christmas movies. Im obsessed with HALLMARK MOVIES at this time of the year and have a bunch recorded to watch....cant wait!

 Seeing as how I wont be doing our THANKSGIVING this year, I thought the above was appropriate:)
Then soon the snow will be flying, Iim waiting for the day when we are snowed in and we are actually caught up on a few things so we can enjoy it! Iim praying we can get internet back at the house next summer or so, this coming to the library thing is for the birds, but it quenches my bloggy thirst for now! Hoping to stop in for another blog or so before Thanksgiving and then decorating my blog as well! Happy Fall Y'All!!


  1. (this was meant for your other blog, but I can't leave comments since I am not a "team member".)

    Hi there! I use Google Reader to keep up with blog updates so I probably haven't *actually* been here since you last posted, but I still follow. :)

    Autumn Blessings from Jessica

  2. We just use Netflix for TV but I have a few Christmas movies on our queue, one is Miracle on 34th Street. I love watching holiday movies in November to get geared up for Christmas, but wait until after turkey day to really decorate for Christmas. It's never too early to make gifts or start the cards, as long as we aren't forgetting Thanksgiving comes first. ;)

    We are having guests for Thanksgiving for the first time, we're so excited! (Hubby's BIL and his family from out of state.) I'm not the cook, but I am the baker. :)