Monday, July 26, 2010

Autumn Inventory

So just a few minutes ago I wrangled my way into the spare room, where things that dont have a home end up. I was taking fall decor inventory....I found 1/10 of it, ugh. There are a few things that I absolutely wanted that I havent found yet, but have one more place to look. Some stuff was never unpacked from years ago, see, we moved from a huge farm house to a tiny one and when there is no place to put things, they dont get unpacked or just get shuffled around in the mess of things. Its un organized to say the least.
Im ready to WELCOME AUTUMN at any point and time that she decides to visit. I nearly brought the box of stuff I found out.......but refrained....maybe by the end of the week Ill do it. Im hopefully going to a PRIMITIVE tent sale this weekend and am hoping for some fall items to purchase cheap
I did find a few crow pics to put on the wall and my orange pipberrys. Pipberrys are my MUST HAVE, CANT LIVE WITHOUT items in any season!
I have a wreath and a sign missing still yet, Im thinking they may be in the closet that I cant get into just yet because there is a matress in the way at the present time.

So....I still need to get....
~clear lights
~more leaves
~tarts and maybe a candle
~material to make some fall pillows

I was reading through old blogs this morning and read one from Thanksgiving last year. You may like to read it, although if your a SPFH SISTER already...youve read it, Im sure. There is also a recipe there I want to make soon...I think its Pumpkin Crunch, maybe. HERES the link!

Well, Im off to clean the kitchen and get dinner started for hubby when he gets home, then maybe take a dip in the pool.....the only thing getting me through the summer right now! Im so over the heat!


  1. I am so w/ you on wanting fall here-the only thing keeping me in summer is the new geranium/tea died US flag items I got a couple of weeks ago.....soon-very soon I will venture down to my autumn nutmeg tubs....

  2. Oh my goodness I am so happy to have found my way here, I am a FALL fanatic! Thank you for sharing all this lovely eye candy with us!!!

  3. I am so glad I found you! I have enjoyed looking at your posts...Fall is my favorite time of year...I love EVERYTHING about it...pumpkins, pie, baking, chili, pumpkin patches, festivals, apple picking...the leaves the cool, crisp weather! I am so excited....trying to hold off until Sept 1st to drag up my fall tubs and start decorating!!

  4. I never knew those were called Pipberries (sounds like something out of a Dickens novel) but I love them. I'm going to get some in the fall just 'cause they're so cute.

  5. Thanks ladies! I should have a new post with pics up within a week or so. Im hoping this weekend, but with plans dh is making, it doesnt sound promising! Happy Fall Ya'll!

  6. Are those pipberries real, dried or silks? I've seen those little plants for sale in the autumn before but don't know about the safety of them in a house with cats so I never bought any. They are just adorable tho! Today I am dashing in and out to work on a furniture flipping project but I'd rather be inside making pies to freeze. It would be nice to already have a dozen or so apple and pumpkin pies all frozen and ready to be baked. And this year I am going to try black currant/apple pies too!

    Hurry Autumn!